With a success rate of more than 75%, mediation has established itself as a constructive, effective and competitive alternative to the often long and tortuous judicial process for settling difficult litigations. To get the most out of it, the use of a qualified lawyer-mediator is highly recommended!

The Third Party Winner

Être le catalyseur pour aider à renouer le dialogue et à trouver une solution constructivbe au conflit par la médiation familiale, à Rouen et en Normandie

Speak, Listen and Be Heard

Specifically trained in mediation techniques, I act as a catalyst between the parties involved to guarantee an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect and security, which is an essential prerequisite for the resurgence of dialogue. Like an iron fist in a velvet glove, I combine the flexibility of active and empathetic listening with the imperative of a constructive path towards consensus. Without taking over the decision-making power that belongs only to the mediated parties, I try to reformulate what has been said, without passing judgment, to allow mutual understanding of each other's positions. In this way, step by step, we can move more serenely towards the emergence of a solution that is acceptable and accepted by all.

Moreover, my status as a lawyer allows you to benefit from a complete understanding of the legal texts involved or to be mobilised for each particular case.

Scope of Interventions

Médiatrice familiale spécialisée dans les litiges liés au partage des biens ou du patrimoine, ainsi que sur la médiation préventive pour éviter le recours juridique

Number 1 on Patrimonial Family Mediation

As a family mediator in the broadest sense, I intervene more specifically when disputes arise relating to the division of property or assets throughout life: following a marital breakdown, at the time of an early division between parent and child, or in the context of a division following a death.

Even Better: Preventive Mediation for a Lasting Family Pact!

In the context of inter vivos sharing donations, preventive mediation makes it possible to lift the brakes, unlock latent or even invisible blockages, and anticipate intergenerational conflicts that may arise after the death of the donor parent. Initiating a process of preventive estate mediation means guaranteeing a lasting family pact that is well accepted by all the members it links.

Double Level of Intervention

  • as a mediator
  • in the advice of a mediated

My added value


Notary for 17 years, lawyer and mediator since 2020, your consultant has been working on a number of mandates, for a transversal vision of legal texts.


fluently trilingual, your consultant is fluent in three languages, masters O.V. texts and interacts with your clients without filtering.


can be mobilised according to needs, to act more efficiently and reactively.


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