Free fees, what are we talking about?

This principle of freedom to set fees is provided for by the law of 31 December 1971 n° 71-1130. The fee is therefore set freely between the lawyer and his client, except for those who benefit from full legal aid.

It is in agreement with the client that the fees are fixed regardless of the nature of the service provided by the lawyer, either in the legal field or in the judicial one. Before any form of commitment, a fee agreement will be proposed to you by MS Avocat.

Several methods of invoicing fees can be considered:

The package

An overall fee is agreed for all the work involved in the mission entrusted to the lawyer.

The time spent

The fee is based on the services performed on the basis of an hourly rate applicable to the lawyer's office.

The result fee

By combining it with the previous modes of remuneration (a fixed part of which must be paid by the client), the lawyer and the client can agree on the payment of an additional fee based on the result obtained.