Sylvie Mombellet, avocate et ancienne notaire spécialisée en droit international de la famille, pour les professionnels, en mission de conseil, et les particuliers, en consultation juridique directe.

Advice and legal opinion

Acting in the interest of your clients but not in your place, as an extra skill.

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Professional training

Transmitting the basics & instilling reflexes for an immediate application of what has been learned.

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Médiation - family mediation

Propose an alternative approach to settling disputes, prior to legal recourse.

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Lawyer, notary and mediator :
A triple agent at the service of private law

As an associate notary from 2001 to 2018, I draw most of my know-how in the field, in the daily practice of a firm with 8 associates in the Eure region. In 2019, in support of the observation that private international law remains under-invested in the resolution of many cases, I decided to make it a speciality, to help my colleagues to take up the increasingly pressing challenge of an internationalisation of their practice. I then added two skills : that of a lawyer and that of a mediator. I can now intervene indifferently in cases of estate division, constitution or liquidation of matrimonial regimes, and any amicable or judicial resolution of cases involving the family, in all its components.

Mastering and passing on my favourite material: family law

By producing a range of enlightened legal solutions, I aim to guarantee the client a free choice of direction. Although I am less at the forefront of the client relationship, I keep the spirit of this humanist commitment, permeated with empathic listening, mainly at the service of the legal profession.

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Advice and legal opinon

A targeted service, to consolidate and enlighten yours

Conseil et consultation juridique nécessitant la mobilisation du droit international de la famille et du droit international privé

International Family Law

To guarantee reliable advice while optimising your study time, make sure you are assisted by a DIP consultant who is fluent in the language of international texts.

  1. Mixed unions
  2. International Separation and Divorce
  3. International successions 
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Protéger son couple et sa famille par un cadre légal adapté, dans le cas d'un mariage, d'un PACS, d'un divorce ou d'une succession.

French Family Law

The law governing the family is in its image: evolutionary, protean and multiple-choice. Hence the importance of having recourse to the informed advice of a sworn professional to guide major decisions in private life.

  1. Alliance links (marriage, PACS, divorce)
  2. Family relationship (filiation, adoption…)
  3. Succession
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More collaborative than didactic, for instant application

Matrimonial Regime

A simple and complete, pragmatic and effective overview of the matrimonial regimes available to (future) spouses to help them make the good choice.

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International Inheritance Assets

Know, understand and use them when several countries are involved in the settlement of an estate

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The Liquidation Methods of the Legal Community of Property reduce to Assets

Know, understand and use them : From the preliminary analysis in 4 keys steps to the establishment of the liquidation statement stricto sensu

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Recourse to amicable resolution, and avoid the need for a judge

The Third Party Winner

The opportunity for an impartial, neutral and independent third party to settle disputes and re-establish dialogue prior to any conciliation process, in complete confidentiality.

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Scope of Interventions

For preventive patrimonial family mediation directly or with the support of a lawyer.

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My added value


Notary for 17 years, lawyer and mediator since 2020, your consultant has been working on a number of mandates, for a transversal vision of legal texts.


fluently trilingual, your consultant is fluent in three languages, masters O.V. texts and interacts with your clients without filtering.


can be mobilised according to needs, to act more efficiently and reactively.


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